Own Your Challenge With Kiko Matthews

Lilly Wild Kiko Matthews Adelaide Goodeve
There is no such thing as failure, only learning
— Kiko Matthews

Kiko Matthews (@kikomatthews) is a life enjoyer, entrepreneur and adventurer, who is attempting to become the fastest woman to solo row the Atlantic in 2018.

We met at Escape The City when we were both asked to give a talk on our journey of entrepreneurship and startups. 

Kiko’s story was hilarious, honest and courageous. Really showing that anything is possible.

In 2009, Kiko nearly died from Cushings Disease and 8 years on, is living her life to the full and challenging her mind and body to see what they’re now capable of.

A solo row across the Atlantic should do it! 

However, Kiko has been pushing her mental and physical boundaries over the years through many different adventures, from driving to Uganda to stand-up paddle boarding around Ibiza.

Kiko has also co-founded The Big Stand, a charity created with the ultimate aim of developing confidence and creating happier, healthier people and environments. 

And she’s founded SUPKiko to deliver stand up paddle-boarding lessons in London. Both companies are empowering people and transforming their lives.

Lilly Wild Kiko Matthews Adelaide Goodeve

I chatted to Kiko and her friend as we stand up paddle boarded along the River Thames in Richmond one early morning.

As we discussed life, our toes became chilly and we basked in that special morning sunlight, which turns everything into a shimmering gold.

We are chatting in Kiko’s big ‘clean me’ van, so you can hear the hustle and bustle of London and the occasional gust of wind, so as you listen, you’ll feel as if you are there with us….sitting in the van eating chocolate (sorry if you’re currently lacking the chocolate!).

I’ve babbled quite enough, so please do enjoy the show and laugh along with us! It was great fun to produce with Kiko!

Note: Stand Up Paddleboard = SUP!



  • Kiko’s journey so far from Cushings disease to entrepreneur and adventurer
  • How to empower yourself through learning, trying new things and pushing your comfort zone
  • How to overcome fear and take that first step towards creating a live you love
  • Kiko’s formula to #OwnTheChallenge 


QUESTION OF THE DAY: What challenge are you currently owning or going to own? Please share with Kiko and I in the comments below :)



Who Kiko Matthews is in the world today and our micro-adventure!

[0:45] I set the adventurous scene for the interview!

[1:09] Introduce Kiko Matthews

[1:28] The Word Game! (or ‘breeding emotions’ in Kiko’s words!)

[2:27] Kiko in our world today

Kiko’s Stand Up Paddle Boarding journey

[3:55] How Kiko got into Stand Up Paddle Boarding (SUP)

[9:27] The weirdest thing Kiko has found in London’s canals!

[10:10] Kiko’s best tips for contributing to the planet’s health

[11:35] Why Kiko created the charity, The Big Stand, with Charlie Head

[14:58] How people transform through Kiko’s SUP adventures

Unleashing your best self

[16:00] What drives Kiko to try new things and stretch her comfort zone

[18:12] Empowerment & Pol Vaulting

[20:56] How to overcome fear and take that first step towards creating a live you love


[23:15] Kiko’s Upcoming Adventure and #OwnTheChallenge

[27:00] What ‘challenge' means to Kiko

[28:00] Why Kiko decided to attempt to become the fastest female to row the Atlantic, solo and unsupported 

[29:19] What excites Kiko about rowing across the Atlantic

[30:37] Kiko’s resilient mindset tactics 

[34:10] When Kiko begins her epic challenge!

Wrapping Up

[35:47] Wild Fire Question

  • Funnest Fact
  • Billboard
  • Kiko’s favourite book

[39:45] What to look out for from Kiko, how to get involved and where to connect


Find Kiko here

Kiko Matthews | SUPKiko | Facebook | Instagram | Twitter

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