Jo Pickard on your Inner Voice, Intuition and Improvisation at the Olympics

Lilly Wild Show Jo Pickard
Small changes are catalysts for bigger changes
— Jo Pickard

For some of you, this may be the most important episode you’ll listen to this year.

We listen to our inner voice every day. Sometimes it can be bursting with love and positivity for ourselves, but more often than not, it’s full of negativity and critique. 

Every time we say something to ourselves, we’re triggering an emotion, and if this phrase or word is used consistently, it will become a regularly used pattern in our brains.

Over time, this can then become part of our identity, belief system and behaviours, subsequently impacting our happiness, success and ability to live a life we love.

Instead of trying to get rid of our troublesome voice, we can make peace with it and educate it to speak to us in much more useful and helpful ways, transforming our inner critique into a friendly and supportive ally.

So why not start transforming your inner voice into a powerful positive force?

Our guest today is a bubbly TV Presenter and Video Producer, who talks us through brilliant stories, humour, emotional pain and essential strategies to transforming your life.

Jo shares her story of how her life transformed after changing her inner voice and gives us some great insights into how we can do the same.

She will leave you feeling inspired, motivated and driven to follow your dreams.

So if you’re ready to laugh with us and take your life to the next stage, then plug in!


  • How to transform your inner voice into a force for good
  • Why and how we should trust our gut
  • How to deal with the unexpected 
  • Jo’s style of fluffing

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Transforming Your Inner Voice

[0:45] Introducing Jo Pickard and power poses!

[2:50] Dreamvated and Cakevation! 

[3:35] Who Jo is in the world today

[4:48] The pivotal moment

[5:55] How Jo changed her inner voice and transformed her life

[13:09] How to take actions in alignment with your inner voice

Your Intuition

[16:45] Intuition

[18:19] First step to listening to your intuition

Unexpected Experiences At Rio Olympics 2016

[21:24] Commentating live for the sailing at Rio Olympics and Paralympics 2016

[24:50] Unexpected experience at Rio Olympics

[28:49] What to do when unexpected things happen

[29:32] Improvising

Interviewing And Presenting With Excellence

[30:15] Marcus Whirring and Chris Hoy

[32:55] Jo’s own style of fluffing (and it’s not what you think!)

Wrapping Up

[35:13] Wild Fire Questions


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