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Each week join me, Adelaide Goodeve, as I jump into the nitty gritty of how to unlock and unleash your most extraordinary self with some of the brightest, most badass world changers and forward thinking minds in adventure, health, fitness, entertainment, science, entrepreneurship and much more!

Intimate, raw, open and often intense, these are conversations that will motivate, inspire, empower and provoke you to discover, how you can become the best version of you and create a life you truly love.

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Often people focus on all of the reasons why they CAN’t do something, those I interview, focus on the reasons why they can do something
— Adelaide Goodeve, Host of The Lilly Wild show
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Hey! I'm Adelaide

I created The Lilly Wild Show to help you become unstoppable, to unleash your potential and forge new connections with other like-minded souls.

When I started finding mentors for my own health and business, my life transformed. I would now love for you to have that experience too.

To experience and participate in the journey of uncovering and unleashing your best, most extraordinary self.

If you want to discover more about me and my journey, you can listen to my story by pressing play, or If you want to read my story below, I suggest making a cup of tea as it isn't short!


This is the story of my journey & it starts way back when in 2012…

During 2012 I was in my third year of suffering with moderately severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (or Myalgic Encephalomyelitis).

To give you some idea of what it was like, I found brushing my teeth some mornings a great adventure, I would think akin to climbing Mount Everest!

I also had a few other chronic conditions, which left me in some embarrassing situations, but that’s another story!

My life was crumbling around me

It was around this time that I was also feeling rather low, hosting a little pity party for myself! 

I was forced to withdraw from studying Geography at University College of London and the doctors weren’t very encouraging about my recovery - in fact they said I should expect to get worse.

It was around this time my friend persuaded me to start a humble blog about the things I enjoyed; cooking, adventure and the things I was experimenting with to unlock and unleash my best self. 

So Lilly Wild was born.

Adventure gave me the inexorable drive to recover.

I discovered the wondrously thrilling tales of the Heroic Age Of Polar Exploration, of the immense hardships and inexplicable joy experienced by Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen, Aplsey Cherry-Gerrard and Frank Wild.

The stories told by our modern day explorers, such as Alistair Humphreys, also captured my imagination, as they relentlessly pushed their boundaries and proved that nothing was quite as impossible as it seemed.

The more I read and heard, the more I knew that I wanted that life. I wanted to explore the world and push my body to the limit.

Randomly through a couple of sources in the space of a week, I found out about The Lightning Process. 

In 2013 I found out about the Lightning Process, developed by Phil Parker, the psychology of health, happiness and genius guy.

The Lightning Process trains you in just 3 days to recognise when you’re using your body, nervous system and specific language patterns in a damaging way and how to develop new, healthier neurological pathways. 

In essence, you learn how to re-wire your brain to live the life you love and the transformation is instantaneous. 

So in 3 days I said farewell to Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and all the other things that had plagued me! I was free to explore the world and embark on my own adventures!

My wise old headmaster told me to ‘Do What You Love?’

When someone gives you this advice, ‘Do What You Love?’, it’s very hard to understand what that means, when you have no sense of your identity after being ill for so long.

I was a fool and chucked this golden nugget to the back of mind and let my peers, family and society influence my path.

After a year of travelling and working, from working on a cattle station in Australia, hiking to Everest Base Camp, working at a school in China, to riding across part of Mongolia. I was soon flying home with silent tears rolling down my cheeks, as I was due to start at university, again.

I couldn’t shake the feeling that this wasn't what I should be doing.

My year of travel had sparked my interest in entrepreneurship and strengthened my love for adventure. I wanted to forge a path, somehow, in these areas.

Therefore re-starting University, this time at King’s College London, was going against my intuition. 

I ignored and drowned out the screams from my gut and my heart and followed the path that I was being told I should follow, the one of least resistant.

i became very unhappy

I grew to dislike the university environment, both educational institution and it's location in London, and although I loved my subject, Geography, I felt it wasn't preparing me for what I wanted to pursue. after university.

However, if I'm going to do something, I throw myself into it.

So having rather stupidly let The Lightning Process fall by the way side, I started to practice un-useful behaviours and habits.

I placed myself under a lot of pressure to get a first and was duing perfectionism and a lot of stress - not a good combination.

Moving locations wasn't the answer, I took my problems with me.

So when the opportunity arose to escape London and study abroad at the University of British Columbia, Vancouver, I jumped at the chance.

Although I soon realised that changing location wasn’t the solution, I disliked studying at Vancouver almost more than at London. 

I found the teaching in Vancouver very disappointing and if you didn't have a car, it was virtually impossible to access the outdoors. The amount of work given to us also didn't help!

So after a while, I felt ashamed.

I felt ashamed that I couldn't hack university and that I disliked it, because it's such a privilege to be able to attend higher education.

And as I grew unhappy, my old stuck brain patterns from 2012 started to strengthen again, causing my health to deteriorate.

I refused to allow history to repeat itself.

With the help of Justin Lord, a life coach, nutritionist and entrepreneur, he helped me to understand that it was ok to feel these things and that it was ok to feel that university was just not for me. 

We optimised my nutrition and started implementing lifestyle changes, such as morning and night rituals, which helped immensely.

Justin opened up a whole new world to me that I never knew existed

By working with Justin, I discovered that entrepreneurship could be something I could do.

For if Rich Roll, Sophie Radcliffe, Megan Hine, Christmas Abbott and Dave Cornthwaite could start their own companies and brands, then why couldn’t I?

Over the years a little voice had been growing inside of me and it was in November 2015, that it echoed and permeated through every cell and fibre in my body.

I was asked a dangerously exciting question: what do you want?

The sun was just stirring when I was asked on a wintry November morning, what do you want?

The tears were rolling down my face and my stomach was twisting. I knew I wanted to quit, but I was scared and fearful.

I didn’t want to let my parents down and I felt embarrassed that I couldn’t hack university. But I didn’t want to go on anymore.

That November something clicked and I realized there would never be a good time to start a business – I just had to do it.

I drew on all of the courage that was within me, remembering those who inspired me and sent that email, to the university and my parents.

The next day as the relief was flooding through me and the fear of finally taking the driving wheel of my life was creeping in, I got an email.

Escape The City, a company who help Londoners create or find fulfilling work. They asked if I wanted to join their Startup Tribe. I don’t remember signing up to their email list, but I’m so glad that their email found me. I mulled it over and signed up in January.

From that point on it was game on.

Having fallen wildly in love with exploration of the world, I knew that I wanted to create a European outdoor lifestyle brand that focused on women.

Showcasing amazing female role models, featuring awesome gear from small outdoor brands that listened to the desires of outdoorsy women, sharing tales of ordinary women doing extraordinary things, listing female outdoor guides, sharing important tips on wellbeing and entwining it all with an environmental and ethical consciousness.

Therefore on the Spring/Summer Startup Tribe I created Lilly Wild: a guide to apparel, gear and urban escapes for the courageous explorer.

Things don't always go to plan

Ever since November 2015 I’ve been on a steep learning curve. Each day I learn more of what not to do than what to do! The entrepreneurs path is full of twists and turns, and over the course of the year, Lilly Wild and I have transformed time and again. 

Many say you fail your first business, but I like to see it as a big learning experience. After a massive campaign in December with little success, enjoyment and fruition, it dawned on me that selling stuff wasn't fulfilling for me and it wouldn't take me where I want to go.

a new beginning arose from the ashes of failure

You see, my passion is experimenting with lifestyle design to unlock and unleash your most, extraordinary self. I've been doing it ever since I got sick.

I'm just fascinated with the brain-body connection and all of the things we can do and tweak to perform at our best. 

So I returned to the pivotal moment in my life, where everything transformed: The Lightning Process and Phil Parker.

i'm now a catalyst for transformation.

In March I qualified as a Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Life Coach - soon to be a Master NLP practitioner!

I help people uncover and put into actions the tools, resources and strategies they need to unleash their most extraordinary self, achieve astonishing results, reach incredible levels of personal fulfilment and live a life they love.

It also means I can now geek out on all things wellness and self development as part of my job, which is awesome!

The Lilly Wild Show is launching on Sunday 2nd April and I couldn't be more proud!

My aim with The Lilly Wild Show is to bring my skills to the table.

Each week I am going to chat to some of the brightest, most badass world changers and forward thinking minds of the 21st Century and uncover the tools, tactics and strategies they use to be unstoppable.

I'm also going to hold a raw, uncut action episode mid-week called Ask Adelaide, where I will answer questions from you lovely people, my listeners.

I feel my adventure has only just begun 

I'm still learning and I will make the occasional mistake or two, but I promise you, that the Lilly Wild experience is only going to get more and more awesome!

If you have any tips, guest recommendations, questions or want to share anything poignant with me, please drop me a line at aloha@lillywild.com

Stay Wild,