Our 6 Favourite

Lilly Wild Apps

We are huge fans of maps at Lilly Wild, but it's handy having back ups and as much as we love unplugging and taking digital detoxes, technology can be handy in the mountains.

We’ve curated a list from our mountain leader friends to bring you their 6 favourite apps! We recommend you try them out & see which ones you prefer! 

If there’s an app that you love that we haven’t included, comment below and tell us why it’s awesome!

Do be aware that the continued use of GPS running in the background can decrease your phone’s battery life. Taking a backup battery and placing your phone in a waterproof container is always a smart idea! 

Lilly Wild Maps

#1 A Free Grid Reference App (Free or small cost)

There’s OS Location for Apple & Android, GPS Grid Reference by tomtrails.com & Coordination, Location Utility by Daniel Tull. We advise testing them all out and seeing which one is your favourite.

No data or mobile signal is required for these apps to function, as the smart phone’s inbuilt GPS system can be relied upon, even in the most remote areas (Make sure you allow your phone access!).

You can use these apps to quickly and accurately locate exactly where you are on your map, which can come in handy if you’re practicing micronavigation and need reassurance of where you’re located, get lost & need to find yourself on the map or need to provide a accurate grid reference in an emergency situation.

2. Met Office Weather (Free)

This great app provides the most up-to-date daily weather forecasts for abroad and in the UK, as well as UK severe weather warnings, helping you to plan and prepare for the weather on your adventures!

Highlights including, getting a daily forest snapshot, access a seven-day forecast, save your favourite locations, and get hourly to three hourly forecasts too.

3. Mountain Flora & Fauna (£2.29)

Working towards your Mountain Leader Award or interested in learning more about the mountain environment? Then you’ll love this app! 

You can leave your cumbersome book behind and have a useful guide to the most common plants and animals in the British mountain environment on your phone! 

It works without an internet connection and features more than 150 species with photos and text descriptions. 

4.  ZephyroPro Wind Meter by Daniel Campagnola (£1.49)

This cool little app uses your iPhone microphone to give you a realtime wind speed reading, bringing you the functionalities of an Anemometer to your phone!

It will bring out the geek in you!

5. ViewRanger - Hiking & Cycling Trails (Free & pay for maps)

This brilliant app is probably our favourite, it’s trusted and used by over 200 search and rescue teams, so if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for us! Our Mountain Leader guide who provided us with our Summer Mountain Leader Training also loved it!

You can discover thousands of inspiring trail guides from their library, download detailed Ordnance Survey maps (our favourite element) and use it to navigate your adventure.

Ordnance Survey maps include Explorer 1:25,000 & Landrager 1: 50,000 and more! You can also get maps for Europe, USA Canada and New Zealand.

If you’re practicing navigation, micronavigation or night navigation, it’s like having a friend with you! If you’ve navigated yourself to your goal location, you can use this app to locate yourself, to make sure you’re in the right place!

For navigation, features include bearing, distance and estimated time to next waypoint and to end of route, grid references and altitude.

It works without mobile signal and data. Using your phone’s GPS it can locate you on a map, record and follow your route. The maps are stored on your phone, so they work offline too.

There’s a power save mode too, but we recommend keeping your phone on aeroplane mode as this will save battery. In the mountains we like to navigate using paper maps and have this app as a helpful friend when practicing our navigation. And if it’s super windy and rainy, it’s easier to have your phone out than a flapping paper map!

The app is free, but you need to buy credit to purchase your maps.

P.S. You can buy all of the UK’s National Parks Landranger maps for £10!

6. Memory-Map GPS with Ordnance Survey maps, marine and aviation charts

This app offers very similar features to ViewRanger, but you have access to lots more maps and charts, both modern, historic and international, that you choose to download. They are also stored on your device, so you can safely navigate without data or mobile phone signal.

We hope you find this list helpful and our aim is that you use this as a starting point, to discover the apps that you like, don't like and the ones you find are the best ones for you in the mountains.

Let us know how you get on and comment below if you think we've missed any out or if you have any other mountain app advice! We'd love to hear from you :)