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Lilly Wild Escape The City

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Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock, now the jingle hop has begun! We are only 2 DAYS before Christmas! This time last year, our founder Adelaide had quit university, was focused on improving her wellbeing and looking forward to transforming her life with Escape The City’s Summer Startup Tribe!

This Christmas Escape The City are delighted to offer members of the Lilly Wild community an exclusive £300 off January's Tribe fee - just quote 'Lilly Wild'!

Lilly Wild Escape The City

Six and a bit years ago Rob sent Dom an email that would change their lives, and hundreds of thousands of others.

Six months later they’d quit their corporate jobs and were beavering away in Rob’s basement looking for interesting jobs to populate their weekly Top 10 Opportunities email.

People loved it. They were on to something.

Six years on and that email list now has well over a quarter of a million members and the idea of escaping, is becoming increasingly mainstream.

Escape The City is now a global community. A movement of people who believe that life’s too short to do work that doesn’t matter to you. And that doing something different is possible.

They want to prove together that corporate drudgery is as outdated as the fax machine and that more meaningful careers are available to anyone, anywhere.

They want to help people escape from unfulfilling work to freedom, passion, autonomy, fulfilment, more connected and more meaningful lives.

To 21st Century Careers, built on their terms, not someone else’s.

Escape The City have helped Adelaide create Lilly Wild, they gave her the inspiration, tools, ideas, confidence, resources, strength and the amazing community to get it off the ground and start on a new trajectory of exploring the perfect balance of money, passion, paupers, impact, freedom, challenges and adventure - she's still working on this!

You can read about Adelaide's Lilly Wild journey so far here; 

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For more info on Escape The City's courses head to their website or get in touch with them here! Remember to quote 'Lilly Wild' to receive £300 off their Escape of Startup Tribe!