Founder's Letter | Coming Clean

I’m coming clean, being open, honest and vulnerable, as inspired by Laura Kennington and Cathy White at an event last week. I'm slightly scared thou!

You haven’t heard from me recently and this is why…

As many of you may know, I started Lilly Wild at the end of Escape The City’s Startup tribe with the idea to create an online clothes and gear store for the courageous explorer, with a special focus on women.

Having decided to quit university, I felt a pressure to graduate from the tribe with something tangible. However, this idea didn’t quite sit with me, but I pursued it none the less. 

Post-Christmas Competition...

After doing the Christmas competition, where I produced 25 days of content for an Advent-ure Calendar and had 8 significant brands on board, I decided that this startup was not for me;  

  • I didn’t enjoy producing all of this type of content
  • The drop shipping model I was building was going to be complex
  • The future growth of the company didn't fit with the lifestyle I wanted to create  
  • I felt I wasn’t making the positive impact on people’s lives I wanted it to
  • I wasn't developing all of the skills and knowledge I wanted to

How Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Has Impacted Me More Ways Than One...

4 years ago I fully recovered from 3 years of moderately severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, amongst other things, using a combination of neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and hypnotherapy.

Phil Parker, one the UK's leading experts in personal-development, runs  neuro-linguistic programming, coaching and hypnotherapy training courses. And at first I signed up to create rapid and long lasting change in my life, but during the course I realised that this is exactly what I wanted to be doing.

I’m now a certified practitioner, working towards my Masters in these three fields. 

But this is only just the beginning...

I'm on a mission to help you unlock and unleash your best, most extraordinary self.

One way I'm doing this is through coaching. With all of my tools and knowledge, I am now a catalyst for change and can help you unlock and unleash your best self in minutes, when normally it would take years.

The other way is through creating a podcast series called The Lilly Wild Show.

I've designed the Lilly Wild Show to delve deep into how to become the best version of you, with some of the most badass world changers across various fields.

In each episode, I uncover my guest's stories, their pivotal moments and most important practises, tools and tactics that have helped them achieve their greatest results.

Together, we’ll learn the best books to read, how to develop powerful morning routines and life-changing training habits, time management tricks and much more!

The show is being released on Sunday 9th May. However in the mean time, you can listen to our first episode here, where I go into more depth about about my journey so far.

If you have any questions or feedback from me, please leave them in the comments below, I'd love to hear from you :)

Stay Wild, Adelaide x