Behind The Brand: Primal Pantry

Our Behind The Brand Series has been developed to give you a sneak peak and insight into the brands we love. As let's face it, the majority of stuff we buy, we get because we love the story and the image it adds to our identity. So let's add more consciousness to the things we buy and know the stories, ethics and environmental impact behind the brands we love. We can create a force for good with our money.

We always chuck in a few Primal Pantry bars to fuel our great escapes, as they’re delicious, made with real food and free from any kind of junk! Discover why we love them below...

What’s your name, and what does Primal Pantry mean to you?

Lilly Wild Primal Pantry

I’m Suzie Walker, and I am the founder and director of The Primal Pantry. I created the company about three years ago in my kitchen, and it has now evolved into a small company that seems to be ever growing.

Lilly Wild Primal Pantry
Lilly Wild Primal Pantry

Founded by Suzie Walker in 2013

Made from 100% real foods - free of any grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils

First flavours were Coconut & Macadamia, Almond & Cashew, Brazil Nut & Cherry

Who or what is the greatest influence on your work? 

My daughter Grace is one of my biggest influencers. 

I originally created the bars so that she would have snacks to eat that weren’t full of sugar, or preservatives/additives. 

She is the one of the best taste-testers around, so every flavour we test out will also be approved by her too. I can always rely on very honest feedback!

Lilly Wild Primal Pantry

Primal Pantry has a big and amazing mission, to challenge the packaged food industry by forging a real food revolution, what’s been the number one thing you have learnt?

People are open to exploring healthy and nutritious options! 

Previously, quite a lot of consumers were driven by price and convenience (and to an extent they still are); but a lot of people are now becoming more open to trying out different foods and learning about how different ingredients can fuel the body (and how others may add no nutritional benefit). 

There is also an increased awareness of food intolerances and allergies – the gluten free market alone is currently worth £531 million, and that is because more people are becoming increasingly aware of their diet and allergens that may be present within foods.

Could you describe to us your proudest moment so far on your Primal Pantry journey?

It is hard just to select one moment! There have been a lot of different moments – every time we export our bars to a new country the whole team celebrates. 

It’s also great to see how much the team has expanded. It started off being me and my co-founder Dom, and we are currently at a team of 17 people who are as equally passionate about the brand as we are.

What part of your day are you at your most creative? Take us through the routine you follow to get there.

The whole team is definitely at their most creative in the morning! You will find a fresh pot of coffee brewing from about 8:30, and everyone furiously tapping away from 9am onwards. We tend to have our meetings in the afternoon, so that we don’t break the flow in the morning!

What’s on your desk right now?

A selection of primal bars! Plus lots of papers with sales figures, and marketing ideas – you will also find lots of notes scribbled with different flavour combination ideas!

Lilly Wild

What’s your favourite animal and why?

I am biased, I think it would have to be my staffie Rio. She’s gorgeous!

Do you have a guilty food indulgence? 

Dark chocolate, I can’t get enough!

What would you tell the 20 year-old version of yourself?

Keep pushing – even when it seems like there is an unmoveable obstacle in your way, there is always a way to get around it. Sounds cheesy, but don’t ever let people tell you that you can’t do it!