Founders Letter

Lilly Wild

While at Base Camp Festival this year, I heard Paula Reid give a motivational talk on how to live your life to the full. And instead of a bucket list she had her Live Life To The Full list and I just love this concept! So I decided to create my own!

I'm sure I'll keep adding to both sides, but what's weird is that since making this list I have subconsciously made quite a few things on my 'want to do' list come true in a very short space of time!! And some I've put into motion!

It's also amazing to look at all of the things I've already done, especially when I feel I have been static for a bit too long! 

What would be on your list? 

Things I’ve Done

  1. Trekked in Nepal: Everest Base Camp via Gokyo Lakes, Annapurna Circuit, Langtang Valley
  2. Summited to 5,644.5 m
  3. Acted as an extra in a TV series
  4. Travelled in India solo
  5. Taught English as a foreign language in India
  6. Worked on a conservation park in Namibia
  7. Worked and lived in China at an International School
  8. Worked and lived in Australia on a cattle station
  9. Ridden across Mongolia for 3 weeks on a organised group
  10. Travelled solo in various places in the world
  11. Visited Patagonia
  12. Driven through the Salar de Uyuni
  13. Dog sledding in the Arctic, Norway
  14. Beginner PADI Scuba DIver
  15. Fully recovered from moderately severe Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (3 years) using the Lightning Process
  16. Fully recovered from child hood illness using Lightning Process
  17. Started my own company: Lilly Wild
  18. Chitwan National Park, Nepal
  19. China: Great Wall (incl end), Tiananmen Square, Terracotta army
  20. Ridden Camels through part of the Gobi Desert
  21. Eiffel Tower
  22. Machu Picchu
  23. Northern lights
  24. Canoed part of the River Wye
  25. Taj Mahal
  26. Whale watching
  27. Spent Christmas on a beach
  28. Spent a white Christmas in Canada
  29. Trained across Canada
  30. Lived in Vancouver
  31. Expeditioned in Ladakh
  32. Stayed the night with Ladakhi yak herders
  33. Wild camped with Rolo, my black labrador
  34. Hosted my own events
  35. Worked for the Scott Polar Research Institute and Royal Geographical Society
  36. Festivals: Bestival, Base Camp Festival and Yestival
  37. Train from Beijing to Ulaanbaatar
  38. Worked on a horse ger camp, Mongolia
  39. Nadaam Festival, Mongolia
  40. Colour Festival, Nepal
  41. Trekked and stayed the night on a glacier, Ladakh
  42. Stayed the night in a snow hole, Aviemore!
  43. 1 pull up!!!
  44. Tough Mudder













Things I want to do

  1. Bog snorkelling
  2. Chase the cheese
  3. Bike ride London to Brighton in fancy dress
  4. Harbin Ice Festival, China
  5. Caving
  6. Giants Causeway, Ireland
  7. Hardien’s Wall
  8. Wagah border ceremony
  9. Kumbh Mela, 2022
  10. 3 peaks; Scafell Pike, Ben Nevis, Snowdon, 6000m, 7000m
  11. Southern lights
  12. Epic canoe or kayak adventure
  13. Tandem sky dive
  14. Burning Man Festival, USA
  15. Grand canyon
  16. Become a cowgirl
  17. Sail or rowing adventure
  18. Learn to free dive
  19. Live on a ‘paradise’ island
  20. Kayak/SUP with Orcas
  21. SUP epic adventure
  22. Do a TED Talk
  23. Tomatina - tomato throwing festival
  24. Summit a mountain on Christmas day
  25. Summit a mountain on NY day
  26. Trans-Siberian railway, Moscow to Beijing
  27. Have an epic adventure for my 29th birthday (2017)
  28. Live with a tribe
  29. Write a book
  30. Spend Christmas somewhere snowy (again)
  31. New Zealand
  32. Summit Denali
  33. Lead an expedition
  34. Cycle, hike or run Canada’s longest trail
  35. Horse ride the Penine Way
  36. Ride across Mongolia with a friend or solo - visit/live with eagle hunters and reindeer herders
  37. Cape Wrath, Scotland
  38. Winter ML
  39. Summer ML
  40. 2 day journey with Rolo (my dog)
  41. Epic journey with Rolo
  42. Iron man
  43. Cycle adventure with Rolo
  44. Epic cycle adventure
  45. Cycle John O Groats To Lands End
  46. Live abroad; India, Bali, Alaska, Canada, Costa Rica, Norway
  47. Yoga course in India
  48. Work in Antarctica
  49. Ski across Greenland
  50. Epic dog sled journey
  51. Run a popular podcast series
  52. Run a successful business
  53. Raise > £100,000 for charity
  54. Become a ultra athlete (fire and ice, Yukon, create own)
  55. Cycle or enter Iditarod
  56. Vispassanna mediation course
  57. 20 pull ups in one go
  58. 30 press ups in one go
  59. Cycle across Lake Baikal
  60. Bothy adventure
  61. Bag some Munros
  62. Learn to surf
  63. Iceland
  64. Own my very own dog (Pomsky?!)
  65. Enter fell running race
  66. Canoe and dog adventure
  67. Enter adventure travel film festival
  68. Life Coach
  69. NLP Practitioner
  70. Create my own website;
  71. Help other startups and business women
  72. Be interviewed by Tim Ferris and Rich Roll for their podcasts
  73. Learn to take great photos and have a exhibition for an adventure
  74. Volunteer for a great cause
  75. Ski across Svalbard
  76. Husky dog apprentice
  77. Mad adventure I haven't thought of yet!
  78. Host a wellbeing adventure summit
  79. Host a wellbeing adventure week
  80. Worlds Toughest Mudder
  81. Spartan trifecta
  82. Do a flip
  83. Learn a language fluently